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Laser Bacterial Reduction Therapy

We now offer Laser Bacterial Reduction Therapy to treat Periodontal Disease. There are over 80% of adults in the United States suffering from some level of periodontal disease, it’s become increasingly important to find alternative and effective ways of treating bacterial growth and infection in the mouth and gums. The Gemini Laser is a gentler, yet effective way of reducing bacterial infections and periodontal disease. The laser can also be used to reduce the discomfort of canker and cold sores

What is Laser Bacterial Reduction Therapy?

Laser Bacterial Reduction therapy is a noninvasive method of killing bacteria in the mouth. This procedure is done during a routine cleaning visit.

Who can benefit from Laser therapy?

Almost all patients, even those that are not suffering from periodontal disease can benefit from receiving laser therapy.  Even healthy mouths will experience some bleeding and irritation from a normal cleaning. By using the laser as a routine part of your dental visit with our hygienist it can protect the mouth from potential infections.


Is Laser Therapy Just for Periodontal Disease?

No. Laser therapy can be used for a variety of other dental treatments. This may include treatments for cold sores and herpetic lesions, providing sensitivity relief for the root surfaces of your teeth and can be used at regular hygiene appointments to reduce bacteria and support healthy gums.


At your next dental visit our hygienist will discuss if you are a candidate to receive Laser Treatment and the benefits you will achieve.